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Audio Recorder Pro 3.90

Records the audio from the PC's sound card and saves it locally
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Record the audio from the microphone, the sound from games, movies, podcasts, or radio shows and store them on your hard-drive in the MP3, WAV or OGG formats.

EZ Soft Magic’s Audio Recorder Pro is a handy tool for audio recording. You can record an audio clip from various sources like microphone, CDs, LP, music cassettes so you can digitize and store your audio files or record your own voice from your sound card and save it in MP3/OGG/WAV file formats. You can also record your audio clip from online audio streaming or from applications like Winamp, VLC player, Media Player, etc.

The program comes with many amazing features like Auto Record Control. With the help of this feature, you can set the start and end times of the recordings. Another feature, Voice Activation Recording, can detect the ‘Silence’ in the recording and can take any action from the predefined actions like stop, pause or start a new recording. The produced recordings are of high quality but you can also select from HiFi, CD, FM, AM and Telephone quality. You can also preview the final quality of your desired audio clip in the preview section before you start recording. So this software gives you immense control over the recordings produced.

The software comes with 15 days trial period with 1-minute recording session enabling you to evaluate the quality and other parameters. Audio Recorder Pro is recommended for users who often deal with recording audio files from different sources.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Supports audio recording from sources like music cassettes, CDs, and even audio streaming in media players
  • Records high-quality audio from any external or internal audio cards
  • Converts audio recordings in various formats


  • UI needs some work
  • Sometimes faced compatibility issues with 64-bit Windows
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